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As the owner of a small-to-midsize business, you want to focus on your customers’ experience while keeping your employees happy and motivated. But if you’re operating with a one-person HR team (or no dedicated HR staff), your lack of resources, intentional strategy, and recruiting abilities may be holding you back. 

Improve your business’s performance and focus on your goals with our experienced, versatile team. Whether you need us to support your entire HR function or you need someone to fill in the gaps, we offer expert services that can actually save you money! 

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Check out some of the ways Versa Business Partners can help grow your business through a strategic, effective HR partnership.

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Focus on your core business and the community you serve while we take care of your HR.

What It's Like to Work With Us

“The VersaBP team has supported us to onboard new employees, remain in compliance as a federal contractor, and rapidly prepare a handbook and land business insurance as well. Because of VersaBP, our business can run like a well oiled machine enabling my team to focus on the hardcore engineering and not get lost in the weeds.”

– CEO, Advanced Electric Motor and Machinery Company

Darin Coble,
Founder of Versa Business Partners

Versa Business Partners

A Dedicated Part of Your Small Business Family

Here at Versa Business Partners, we are passionate about people, business, and operations. Our versatile team will happily pick up their suits or steel-toed boots to jump in wherever your business needs a strategic plan.

We specialize in building HR operations or supporting your one-person HR team by filling in the gaps. Darin Coble, our founder, has 20+ years of HR and leadership experience to bring to your small business team. As a family man, he is dedicated to serving in whatever way your small business needs.  

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