Take your portfolio companies further with versatile HR

Embrace true versatility with HR models that can build a strong foundation and jumpstart impressive growth for your portfolio companies.

As a private equity firm, you’re juggling portfolio companies at various stages in their development. You need affordable HR solutions to build a firm foundation and repeatable models that will help grow and transition companies fast. 

Our full team of experts can keep up with rapid growth and bring an outside perspective for a fraction of the cost of a traditional HR department. Our flexibility and versatile approach means we’re ready to jump in to support you and your portfolio companies in whatever way you need. 

Adaptable HR Solutions to Boost Your Growth

Check out some of the ways Versa Business Partners can help grow your companies through strategic, effective HR partnerships.

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partner, we can...

When we act as your


we can..

We’re ready to jump in to support you and your portfolio companies.

What It's Like to Work With Us

“VersaBP takes care of so many HR processes, so we are free to focus on the job at hand—the things we do well. From employee engagement, payroll, benefits, compliance, and training on the latest regulations. This gives us the comfort that our most valuable company assets are taken care of, our employees.”

— COO of a Private Apparel Company

Darin Coble,
Founder of Versa Business Partners

Versa Business Partners

Robust HR Solutions for All Areas and Stages of Private Equity

The name “Versa” is short for Versatile, which means we have the perfect, adaptable solutions for your HR needs. Small businesses and large companies alike rely on Versa to develop goal-oriented, growth-minded operations that are centered on people. We can be your HR if your looking for an affordable, outsourced solution or build your HR with unique strategies for your needs.

Our founder, Darin, has 20+ years of experience in HR and leadership and is committed to bringing strong HR solutions to your business. 

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