Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks contain policies, procedures and practices while bringing clarity of roles and expectations to both employer and employee. It sets the stage for your operational ground rules, covers you from an employment standards perspective, and minimizes unproductive time discussing and debating all the topics it clarifies. On top of that, it’s a valuable tool for orientating new employees.

We offer a comprehensive employee handbook solution that allows you to conduct a needs analysis and start from nothing or update your existing handbook.  We will ensure compliance with Federal and State employment laws, and craft the tone to reflect the culture and behaviors you want to drive.

We can help you:

  • Create your own, new employee handbook and facilitate the roll out company-wide
  • Audit your existing handbook and advise on missing or out-of-date policies
  • Supplement your existing handbook with new policies or procedures
  • Digitize and format your handbook for easy access across electronic platforms