Job Descriptions & Analytics

Accurate job descriptions help employees understand what your expectations are in their current role and what is required for growth within your company. They also support decisions you make. They form a foundation for selection & hiring decisions, compensation analytics (inside and outside of your company), and are key guides for several legally required processes such as the interactive

A methodical job analysis can determine the value of each job in your company, and give you comprehensive job descriptions for each position that include an overview of the position/role and what skills, knowledge and success traits required for the position.

We can help you:

  • Analyze the current roles in your company
  • Compare them to each other, and equate them to similar roles in the market
  • Compare your compensation for those roles to current market value
  • Recommend changes and next steps

These tools also help to feed your behavioral interviewing programs. We are able to craft behavioral interview guides for your positions… train your managers and interviewers on how to leverage the behavioral interview tools to ensure you are selecting the right candidate for the right reasons.

Accurate job descriptions ensure:

Reliable compensation comparisons are made.

Regulatory requirements are being evaluated and documented appropriately.

What is expected of each role in our organization.

Interviews are targeted on selecting the RIGHT person for the job.