Performance Management

Does your performance management model drive positive business results and deliver high levels of employee engagement? It should. We work with companies to understand their culture and design a model that best fits their organization, while maintaining key focus on what matters: Success of the business.

If your company needs a new or refreshed approach to goal setting, monitoring performance and driving results that will become a featured part of your culture, we can help you. We will:

  • Work with your team to rethink goal setting and how your performance management program ties to business results
  • Design and implement an efficient and sustainable program that employees are excited about and drives key behaviors
  • Evaluate and recommend technical solutions appropriate to your business needs and company size
  • Partner with your HR, leadership, and workforce to apply and implement your program
  • Work with you through implementation of the new performance management program company-wide

“Performance management, well applied, should be liberating and empowering, not confining.”

Bill Fotsch and John Case