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Our career experts and coaches are here to partner with you at any stage of your career. We offer unique career consulting and coaching packages for executives, professionals and students. These packages provide a versatile set of skills and tools to support a range of services from enhancing your resume or LinkedIn profile to exploring and preparing for a career change.

We are here for you from your first resume through retirement!


With record unemployment levels, there are more candidates than ever applying for open jobs. Let us help you create a strategy to your search efforts where your energy and time are spent on activities that should result in better results. From resume & LinkedIn profile to position and company selection, our team of consultants and coaches are able to assist you in your search.

Have you ever felt nervous or unprepared for an interview? Let us help you prepare and practice for an upcoming interview! Our career experts have interviewed thousands of candidates and can partner with you to confidently present the ‘real you’ in your interviews.

Some examples we are able to help you with:

-Building confidence and define your value proposition

-Learn how to effectively respond to behavior based style of questions

-Practice interviewing in a variety of different settings (e.g., phone, video, in-person, 1-on-1, panel interviews, etc.)

-Learning how to effectively research and review companies and organizations

Have you ever wondered what HR and your next Manager are looking at when they’re putting together your offer?  We know… we’ve done it thousands of times. We can partner with you to prepare for negotiations around a new position and/or job. Or maybe it’s around a possible job change or exit. Sometimes your situation may lend you to an opportunity to negotiate and exit package. Our experts can help you explore your options and possible approaches. We provide you with data, experience, and scenario exploration to prepare you for your next career negotiation. Let us help you ensure you’re leaving nothing on the table!

Change is inevitable. Our transitions experts partner with anyone exploring or encountering a significant transition. From preparing for a new position or role to exploring a new career path, or maybe even retirement, we are here to partner with you through the entire process. Our career experts will partner with you through your exploration to making a decision and preparing for success!


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Career & Leadership Coaching

Our career coaches and professional consultants are here to partner with high school and college students as you explore what do you want to be when you grow up and help you along the way as you pursue your dreams.

We offer packages for high school and college students that are working through the various stages of kicking off their career. From figuring out what you want to be when you grow up to finding and succeeding in your first ‘real’ job, we partner with you.  A team of industry professionals, coaches and HR consultants that have hired thousands of individuals over the years are available at any and all steps of your career.

Think of us as your Guidance Counselor and/or Career Services department on steroids… we have been the people on the other side of the table at career fairs, job interviews and in HR and organizational development departments.  Let us help you launch your career.

Beyond the, we offer leadership coaching packages where you’ll be partnered with executive coaches used throughout corporate america! Now is the time to start your leadership journey.

Scholarships are available!

We recognize that high schools, colleges and universities have academic aspects figured out. As it relates to leadership, we have found that they offer top rate programs, but only to a select group of students.  We are here to fill this gap and provide affordable leadership coaching to anyone interested.

A coach will partner with you to identify and develop your strengths while addressing behaviors that may limit your future growth. We often focus on establishing vision, increasing awareness of how you engage, communicate and lead among your peers and others.

This program provides you access to the executive coaches that partner with senior executives in $1B+ corporations, only at a discounted rate.

We offer our services on a sliding scale based on financial need and an essay.  To learn more about this program, please submit a request for application to: scholarships@versabp.com

Include the following information in your e-mail:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. School currently attending
  5. Level in school (e.g., Freshman in high school)
  6. Have you applied to this program before?

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