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Who We Are

We are a coaching and HR consulting firm with a passion for people, operations and business. With over 20-years of experience in companies ranging from 20 – 200,000, we have learned to deliver high impact leadership and client partnerships across all functions in a business.

We are versatile enough to wear suits and steel toe boots…

Between us, if given the choice, you’ll find us reaching for the steel toes, ear plugs & hard hat before anything else.

Our Founder

Darin Coble

Founder & Principal

Darin has over 20 years of human resources, operations and leadership experience across a wide variety of industries in a global environment. Darin is a business strategist and leader with specializations in Human Resources and Coaching. He is an experienced Senior Human Resources Manager, Generalist and Leader with a demonstrated history of partnering with leaders through growth, volatility, and downturn. Darin grew up working in his family’s textile mill (men’s socks) in North Carolina and has never lost his love of and identification with operations.

Skilled in Employee Life Cycle, Change Leadership, Organizational Development, Labor Relations, and Leadership, Darin brings a business focused approach of human capital consulting and executive coaching.  He is a strong human resource professional with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Purdue University and a Master of Science in HR Management from Purdue’s Krannert Graduate School of Management. Darin is a professionally trained Coach from Rice University’s Jones School of Business and is currently in pursuit of accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.   

Darin has worked in both corporate and operations roles, although he has always maintained at least one client group in the operations arena throughout his career. Darin’s oil-field name is “Sluggo”, bestowed upon him by a seasoned VP of Operations in Oil and Gas. He earned this name as a reflection of his leadership and grit during the company’s first encounter of a rapidly declining business cycle. During this time, he pushed his leaders to think both short and long-term while defining a strategy, plan to execute and manage the changes to come, while ensuring dignity remained with the employees.

In his free time, you’ll find Darin spending time with his family, wrenching on one of the cars in his driveway, or building a tree house (aka., the ‘shed on stilts’) for his two kids.

Darin has learned that success in today’s marketplace requires organizations and leaders to leverage a versatile set of tools and skill-sets.  Let Darin and the VERSA team partner with you and your organization to build connections between your business and your people while addressing key business challenges with solutions to navigate the future, and develop your leaders to see and lead around the corners in your path ahead.